This webpage showcases the features of the Texthelp SpeechStream Toolbar for HTML content.

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>> Default Toolbar
>> Custom Toolbar
>> Voice Selection
>> Pronunciation
>> Click to Speak
>> Bubble Speech
>> Hover to Speak
>> Screen Masking
>> Vocabulary Builder
>> MathML
>> iPad / Tablet Example
>> Sticky Notes Example
>> Assessment Example
>> Inline Commands Example


1. Default SpeechStream Toolbar

This shows the SpeechStream Toolbar with its default feature set. This includes click to speak, pause and resume functionality, colour highlight annotations and speech speed changing. Buttons are also provided to hide and show the toolbar.

Click here to open this sample

2. Hover speech

This page shows hover Speech, controlled by buttons turn the speech on and off, and to stop speech (Speech is on by default).
Hover Speech

Click here to open this sample

3. Click to Speak

This page shows Click to Speak, controlled by buttons turn the speech on and off, and to stop speech (Speech is on by default).

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4. Bubble Speech

This shows the SpeechStream bubble speech system. The "speech bubble" icon follows the mouse around the webpage. The user clicks the icon to start or stop speech on any unit of text.
Bubble Speech

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5. Pronunciation

This page provides a speech toolbar along with pronunciation controls, where you can create or edit a pronunciation rule for a word. Pronunciation edits here will affect all demo webpage's linked from this webpage.
Create Pronunciations Form

Click here to open this sample

7. MathML

This sample used mathjax to display the MathML equations in the page. This shows how SpeechStream can be used to read MathML.

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8. Custom toolbar example on a customer site

Here is an example where a customer has created their own custom toolbar that uses the SpeechStream functionality. The SpeechStream toolbar's UI can be completely hidden and its functionality called entirely programmatically by the host page. This allows for a UI that is tailored to the site. The link below connects to an external site from texthelp.com.

External link to Cast.org site

9. iPad / Tablet Example

Here is an example configured for use on an iPad or tablet. Some of the toolbar features work differently from the standard web toolbar as the click events of an iPad or tablet necessitate a different user experience. The links below show two different configurations for iPads / tablets.

Hidden toolbar with Click to Speak enabled.
Toolbar with full features enabled.

10. Sticky Notes Example

This shows an example of the sticky notes feature. Click on the sticky notes icon then click on a sentence and add a note to the sentence. Refresh the page and you can see that the note is still on the page.

Sticky notes feature enabled

11. Vocabulary Builder Example

This shows an example of the vocabulary builder feature. Highlight individual words and then click on the Vocabulary Lookup icon to build a study sheet of words, definitions, visual symbol definitions and areas for taking notes.

Vocabulary Builder Example

12. Assessment Examples

This shows examples of SpeechStream providing accomodations to a sample ELP assessment and a sample math page with both text and image math problems.

ELP Assessment Example
Math assessment Example

13. Inline Commands Example

This shows examples of inline commands being used with the speechstream toolbar.

Inline Commands Example

14. Screen Masking Example

This shows an example of the screen masking tool being used.

Screen Masking Example